What are the requirements to be a real estate agent in Alabama?

How much does it cost to become a realtor in Alabama?

How Much Does It Cost to Get an Alabama Real Estate License?

Criminal Records Search Fee $40
Salesperson License Fee $150
Research and Education Fee $30
Examination Fee $77
Total $497 – $897

How hard is the real estate exam in Alabama?

Remember, the Alabama real estate exam is hard to pass and over 50% fail the first time. Not only that, but it is expensive to try again. This course has everything you need to pass the first time at a price that is unmatched.

How much does a realtor make in Alabama?

January 29, 2019

State 2017 Mean Annual Wage 1-Year Change
Alabama $55,960 -4.70%
Alaska $71,030 4.40%
Arizona $62,690 -10.50%
Arkansas $41,660 21.80%

How long is the Alabama real estate exam?

The Alabama Real Estate Salesperson Examination consists of two portions. The total time allowed for both portions of the examination is 3½ hours. The questions on the two portions will be intermixed and will not appear as separate sections.

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How much does the Alabama real estate exam cost?

The fee for taking the real estate exams is $71.00 and are administered by Applied Measured Professionals. The original license fee for a real estate salesperson license is $170 for the first two years.

How many times can you take the Alabama real estate exam?

There is no limitation to the number of times that you may take the license examination within the six (6) months following completion of the prelicense course.

How do you become a broker in Alabama?

To become eligible to obtain a BROKER license in Alabama, an applicant who does not hold a current real estate license in another state must:

  1. Be a U.S. citizen, permanent resident alien or legally present in the U.S;
  2. Be at least 19 years old;
  3. Show proof of bona fide residency in any state in the U.S.;

What is a broker vs agent?

What’s the difference between a real estate broker and an agent? In real estate, an agent is an individual who is licensed to sell property in their state. A broker is someone who is licensed to own their own real estate firm.

How many questions are on the real estate exam in Alabama?

The national portion of the Alabama Real Estate salesperson exam is comprised of 100 questions. In order to pass the exam, an examinee must answer 70 out of the 100 questions correctly to pass (70% correct).

Is the Alabama real estate exam multiple choice?

The Alabama real estate licensing exam has national questions and state-specific questions. All exams require a “scaled” score of 70 to pass. … The state portion consists of 40 multiple-choice questions and the national portion consists of 100 multiple-choice questions, mixed together into a single exam.

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