Question: What does PQ mean in real estate?

When it comes to real estate sales success, neither of these factors is as important as PQ. If you want to join the ranks of top producers, developing your Persistence Quotient (PQ) is the route to success.

What does pp mean in real estate?

Personal property: All that is not real property; items of a temporary or movable nature. Personalty: Synonym for personal property.

What does pm mean in real estate?

Property Management Definition. Alternative Investments Real Estate Investing.

What is PQ in construction?

A Pre-Qualification (PQ) is an initial evaluation in a bidding process to develop the bidder list that proves an applicant’s ​ability, ​experience, resource, etc., to complete the job as required. Related Definitions in the Project: The Project Management; Procurement.

Why does PQ stand for Quebec?

Que. Also P.Q. is unofficially used, short for Province du Québec. Later, PQ evolved from P.Q. as the first two-letter non-punctuated abbreviation.

What does PP stand for in mortgage?

The difference between your principal and interest payment and your total monthly payment is that your total monthly payment usually includes additional costs like homeowners insurance, taxes, and possibly mortgage insurance.

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What does Tov mean in real estate?

Total Observed Volume (measurement) TOV.

What is CAC on a listing?

CAC: In real estate listings, CAC stands for “central air conditioning,” which means that the listed property has a whole-home air-cooling system.

What does RR mean in real estate?

Request For Repair (“RR”) form.

What does TBT mean in real estate?

Throwback Thursday (#TBT): Commercial Real Estate Tips for Landlords – MacRo Commercial Real Estate.

What does TCP mean in real estate?

Developers usually start with the construction or the ground-work on your house when you have paid at least 10 percent of the total contract price (TCP).