Is it safe to buy E Khata property in Bangalore?

Thus anyone having a B khatha essentially is a non BBMP approved construction. Hence it is not advisable to buy such properties. … Owner details can be checked online as it is electronic; your details can also be checked once you buy property and register on your name. A Khata and e-Khata are both 100% legal.

Is it safe to buy a Khata property in Bangalore?

There are not any specific safety issues in owning B Khata properties.

Is e Khata equivalent to a Khata?

e-Khata is a computerised version of a Khata and has the relevant details like name of property owner, location, area, property tax details etc. So you can say that an e-Khata is a legal equivalent of A Khata.

What is E Katha property?

‘E’ Khata:E Khata refers to electronic khata that is filed online. It allows property owners to pay their property taxes online.

How long does it take to get e Khata in Bangalore?

You can now apply for E-khata transfers using the SAKALA service, and you’ll receive the document transfer within one month. You can either visit your nearest BangaloreOne center or log on to to make a submission.

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Is a Khata safe?

With an A Khata in hand, property owners can apply for trade licenses, building licenses or avail loans on the property. Your property is effectively legal if you have the A Khata documents, which will be required when you go for any other financial transaction related to your property in Bangalore.

Is Panchayat Khata safe?

The panchayat khata or ekhata issued by panchayat is not valid and cannot be enforced. DC conversion will not be sufficient if there’s no layout approval.

How can I check my e Katha online in Karnataka?

Steps how to check khata details online in karnataka

  1. Install e Swathu in your mobile device.
  2. Once you reach the Karnataka Bhoomi Records.
  3. Register yourself to Karnataka Bhoomi Records.
  4. Click on search your property icon.
  5. Fill the land details required in the columns.
  6. Tap on verify option.
  7. E Khata will be view on your screen.

Is DC converted sites safe to buy?

Generally, it is advised that you shouldn’t build or construct anything on a DC converted land as it comes under B Khata category. The BBMP doesn’t provide property approval to the property unless it has A Khata. Hence, people avoid buying DC converted properties.

How much does Khata transfer cost?

Khata transfer fee: Rs. 1.5 Lakh X 2% = Rs. 3000/- (Approx)

How many types of Katha are there?

There are two types of Khata, A Khata and B Khata. A Khata: This document denotes the proper tax payment by the owner to the BBMP. A Khata means that the property complies with all government regulations and property-related construction regulations in Bengaluru.

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How do I know my Khata type?

How to identify ‘A-Khata’ vs ‘B-Khata’? If Khata certificate and extract exist, then it is A Khata property. B Khatas will have “Form B Property Registry Extract” clearly written on them.

Can we register property without Khata?

Without the Katha certificate the sub-registrar will not register the property, he can refuse to complete the registration on the ground that house property does not have a valid and subsisting Katha certificate. Please ascertain if the house property falls within BBMP limits or Panchayath Limits even now.

What is the cost of Khata transfer in Bangalore?

Step 9:- A Khatha registration fee of 2% of the property value as mentioned in the sale deed is to be paid to the BBMP. On payment of this registration fee, the notification regarding the payment of the pending property tax amount will be received.

Can Khata transfer be done online?

With Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) including khata transfer under Sakala, property owners can now obtain khata transfers online by applying for it through the Sakala service.